Paola & Vincent

Here are a few moments from another great wedding I’ve done in Montreal…
I had the privilege to document Paola and Vincent’s beautiful wedding this past May. We had a really beautiful day and a very, very sweet couple in love. During our couple session they completely forgot about us and really enjoyed those moments together. They have abandoned them self in front of cameras and I loved that!!!
Paola and Vincent, thank you and wish you all the best!!!!

Rosa & Jimmy

Here are a few moments from Rosa and Jimmy’s wedding day. Rosa and Jimmy you are an Amazing couple!!! Your wedding day was full of emotion, love and so much fun!!! You enjoyed each moment and I loved capture all those moments for you! Wish you guys all the best, much love and happiness! I loved documenting your special day. Thank you,
I started this post with a rain image… Actually, this one was one of the last photographs I’ve done before we leave to the reception hall. In fact, rain started only at the end of our couple portrait session and I was happy:) It’s because I love rain and the mood! There is some magic in those rain images…



Myna & Chun

1Quel plaisir d’avoir photographié un autre superbe mariage en mai, celui de Myna et Chun. Ce fut une journée  parfaite, ensoleillée, remplie de joie et d’émotion. Myna et Chun, vous êtes un couple charmant!!! J’ai adoré passer la journée avec vous, vos familles et tous vos amis… Vous étiez très bien entourés.  J’ai senti beaucoup d’amour! Voici quelques moments de votre grand jour… 234562678910111213141516171819202122232425

Valentina & George


Valentina and George are a wonderful couple who got married in Montreal in April 2014. Despite the rainy day they had a lovely, beautiful wedding and we had so much fun to document so many great moments!!!!

Here are a few images from their special wedding day.

Congratulations Valentina and George and thanks so much for having me to document your day!!!!